The Patch????

November 11, 2008 at 12:07 pm (Children, Life) (, , , , )

Levi was diagnosed with autism just before his 3rd birthday.  He is extremely smart and at the same time extremely “active”.  We have refused to put him on medications.  We felt that since he was in “special education” classes, that he had the personalized attention that was needed to try and keep him more focused.  He has done so well, that he is in a regular kindergarten class this year.  He still has an IEP.  He has a wonderful & understanding teacher (who has a son that is autistic).  He is excelling in learning the curriculum.  So, what is the problem?  He has had some days where he just will not cooperate.  He has flown in to full blown tantrums just because of transitioning to another activity.  He does not respect personal space and ends up scratching or being scratched.  Problems like this are happening at church & home also.  I don’t believe he means to do these things.  I believe he truly wants to be a good boy.  He hates being in trouble.  He will cry and promise to do better.

So,  we’re trying the patch.


So, why am I crying like a baby now and feeling like such a failure?



  1. marybethbern said,

    Because we’re taught that asking for help is somehow akin to failing. But do not believe for a second that you are failing. You are helping your baby boy the best way you can. And if turns out that it’s not the right thing, you can do things differently later.

    You are an amazing mother who children are her very soul. Cry and be sad, and then remember that you are doing a wonderful job. Hugs from us.

  2. Update on the Patch « His Work in Progress said,

    […] Today is Day 7 on the patch. […]

  3. No more patch! « His Work in Progress said,

    […] autism.  No way!  I am not doing this one more day or even one more minute.  I took the last patch off right then and there.  I called Tommy crying.  We both know that this has been a huge […]

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