No more patch!

November 19, 2008 at 5:10 pm (Children, God, Life) (, , )

That’s it.  We’re done.  Day 9 and we’re done.

I picked up Levi from school today, and stared at my worst nightmare.  His head was down on the table.  He did not even acknowledge my presence.  His teacher said he was moody and dragging pretty much the entire day.  He sorta swirled his lunch around, but didn’t eat a bite.  He did his work but was not very enthused about anything.  When I tried to get him to hug me, he was not responsive.  I ended up kissing the top of his head.  My heart was breaking.

We walked out to the van and I tried to talk with him.  He wouldn’t even look me in the eye.  It was like we were back to day one.  No, worse than day one.  A backwards slide into autism.  No way!  I am not doing this one more day or even one more minute.  I took the last patch off right then and there.  I called Tommy crying.  We both know that this has been a huge mistake.

So there, it’s done.

Thank God He gave us a perfect, bouncing, HAPPY boy!!

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  1. marybethbern said,

    Good for you, Mama. Get your baby boy back!

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