We are homeschoolers!

February 7, 2009 at 11:30 pm (Children, Family, God, Home, home school, homeschool, Life, photography) (, , , , , , , , , , )

Yep!  For over a week now we’ve been homeschooling.  I know God has been trying to get us to start earlier, but for some reason, we just didn’t listen.

Mostly, we’re reading and writing lots and working with math worksheets.  I’m trying to gauge just where Levi is as far a reading, writing & math.  We are keeping a pretty relaxed atmosphere, no set time to start or a place to work.  I’m finding his favorite position though, is on the floor on his elbows with his butt actually waggin’ in the air.  I’ll have to take a picture.

The only real problem I’ve encountered is Erin wants to do everything that Levi is doing.  I’ve tried to keep her busy with colors & shapes, but that’s obviously not challenging enough.  Levi doesn’t seem to mind his sister all in his business, though.  So, we’ll just keep going with the flow.

We took our first field trip Friday.  We went to the Memphis zoo.  I took lots of pictures of the kids and animals.  I think Monday I’ll have Levi write and/or draw his favorite ones in his journal.  We might do a little more in-depth study on some of the animals also.  Here are just a few of the pictures:


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  1. akhomeschoolfun said,

    Congratulations on the decision homeschool. Now he can get a customized curriculum and one on one attention, well except for little sister :). Anyway, my son is a very high energy model boy, probably undiagnosed ADHD. We decided homeschooling and diet rather than meds to moderate his behavior. So far so good (most days anyway).

    For homeschooling, look for activities that are shorter and to the point without a lot of distractions to help him focus. Try activities with manipulatives. I’d highly recommend Math-U-See.

    For diet, we didn’t worry about GFCF so much as removing additives in general, especially corn syrup and food coloring (red is worst). Look at Feingold.com for general suggestions. It’s not as complicated as they make it seem. Simply replacing products with similar minus additives takes a bit extra time at first but well worth it. He’s doing a lot better now with whole foods and homemade rather than processed pre-made foods and snacks. I can tell a difference when we eat out or processed “treat” meals the next few days.

    I think you made a good decision and will be to the benefit of your family and son. I’m glad you’re concerned enough to be pro-active in helping him. If you ever want a shoulder to lean on, feel free to contact me. I’d also be interested in what has/hasn’t worked for you.

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