Does God wear a shirt?

June 18, 2009 at 10:30 am (Children, Family, God, Home, Life) (, , , , , , )

A few nights ago we had a pretty major storm pass through. Our electricity was off & we had candles burning. We were trying to get the kids settled down and asleep. I was lying on the couch with Erin & Tommy was in Levi’s bed with him. I just had to share the conversation I overheard.

Levi: Daddy, do you know I love you more than anything? But God!

Daddy: I love you too, son.

Levi: I love Mommy more than anything too! But God!

I love Erin more than anything! But God!

Daddy, what does “But God” mean?

Buttons, God.

Daddy, does God wear a shirt?


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Check it out!

August 13, 2008 at 3:22 pm (Children, Family, Life) (, , , , )

I know some people will not like this kind of humor, some may even get offended by it.  I personally think it’s hilarious and hits so many “best parent” things I’ve tried to do.  Oh the pressure to be a best parent!  Read it and try and laugh!

It’s under “Blogs I read.”  Titled “Best Parent Ever (Satire)”~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>>>>>>>>>>

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