Mom’s Day Off!?

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Mom’s Day Off

written by Eugene Bradley Coco

illustrated by Colette Van Mierlo

read by Levi Stanifer (the story is underlined.)

Levi:  Mom’s Day Off

Our Mom works hard. (Mom, why is she doing all that?)

Me:  Because there’s lots to do to keep a house clean.

Levi:  She cooks. (Oh man!!!!  I wish you could do that!!)

The illustration shows a Mom flipping 4 pancakes at a time!!!  Geez!!

Me:  Yeah buddy, me too.

Levi:  She cleans.

She sews our clothes when they rip. (What does rip mean?)

Me:  It’s like a hole or tear in the cloth.

Levi:  Can you do that?

Me:  I could sew if I had to, but I prefer to let someone else do it.

Levi:  She takes care of us when we’re sick. (What about the girl?  Is she sick?)

The illustration shows a Mom with a little girl in her lap, sitting beside a little boy that is laying in his bed sick.

Me:  I don’t know buddy.  Let’s keep reading and maybe it will tell us.

Levi:  She even helps with our homework. (You don’t give Erin any homework.)

Me:  (trying to remain patient)  Levi….READ!

Levi:  Ok, ok!!  <sigh>

Today, Dad looks tired. <Levi looks up at me grinning>

Me:  You know that says “Mom looks tired”.

Levi:  Yeah, but Dad wrote Dad instead of Mom, see!  <He points out the fact that Dad has indeed marked through Mom and written Dad above it.  Also, the Mom is tired and sitting slumped on the couch.  But, you have to laugh at her manly hairy legs in which Levi’s Dad has added copious amounts of black hair.  Ewwww!>

Me:  Yeah, your Dad looks cute with that skirt on and those hairy legs.

Levi:  <giggles hysterically>

Me:  Keep reading buddy!  We still have math to do.

Levi:  “Take the day off”, we tell her.

First, we start breakfast. (Mom, what did they have for breakfast?)

Me:  Well, it looks like they tried to make eggs.  Keep reading.

Levi:  “Oh, no! Watch the eggs!”  I shout.

Mom helps us clean up.

Next, we straighten up the den. (What’s a den?)

Me:  It’s like a living room with a couch, where families sit.

Levi:  Sally starts to sweep.

There is so much dust. (geez, we don’t ever have that much dust)

<I tap the next sentence hoping he’ll get the hint to keep reading>

Mom helps us clear the dust.

Soon, it’s time for Ginger’s bath. (Is Ginger dirty?  Does she like a bath?)

Me:  Let’s see.  Keep reading.

Levi:  I turn on the water. (Who turns on the water?)

Me:  I think the little boy is telling the story, so he would be the one turning on the water.

Levi:  Sally gets Ginger. ( Why did they name her Ginger?)

Me:  <losing it a little more>  I have NO idea why they named her Ginger!  Now READ!!

Levi:  OK!

The tub is almost full.  “Wait!  The faucet is stuck!” (Why is the faucet stuck?)

Me:  He can’t get it to turn off.

Levi:  Why?  Is it slippery or something?

Me:  <rolling my eyes & breathing deep>  It could be, or it could just be hard to move.

Levi:  Oh NO!  Look at that mess! (<pointing to the water streaming across the floor from the tub, he gets up on his feet and starts bouncing a little with his excitement>  I want to do that!!)


Levi:  <giggling>  Well, when I build a house, I’m going to do that!!!

Me:  Ok buddy, you do that in your own house.  Now, please finish reading the book if you want to watch “Martha Speaks”)

Levi:  OH NO!!  I’m missing it!  It’s already starting!!

Me:  Well, then you better hurry up!

Levi:  OK!  OK!

Here comes Mom. (Why is she mad?)

Me:  Because they have made a big mess and she’s not getting much of a day off.

Levi:  No, she’s not.

The laundry is next.

We put the clothes in the machine and add soap. (Where’s the soap?)

Me:  I don’t know Levi.  Read.

Levi:  Sally turns on the washer. (OH NO!  They didn’t close the door!) <leaps of the couch and runs across the floor on all fours, then turns around and jumps back on the couch.  He then proceeds to read the rest of the book like an opera singer, literally!  He hasn’t got a bad voice, either.  haha>

Ooooops!  The door isn’t closed.

“Mom!” we yell.  Mom helps us pick up the clothes.

Being in charge is hard work.  “Why don’t you take the rest of the day off?”  says Mom. (The End!!)

Me:  No buddy, that’s not the end.  Turn the page.

Levi:  Thanks, Mom.

Me:  The End

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We are homeschoolers!

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Yep!  For over a week now we’ve been homeschooling.  I know God has been trying to get us to start earlier, but for some reason, we just didn’t listen.

Mostly, we’re reading and writing lots and working with math worksheets.  I’m trying to gauge just where Levi is as far a reading, writing & math.  We are keeping a pretty relaxed atmosphere, no set time to start or a place to work.  I’m finding his favorite position though, is on the floor on his elbows with his butt actually waggin’ in the air.  I’ll have to take a picture.

The only real problem I’ve encountered is Erin wants to do everything that Levi is doing.  I’ve tried to keep her busy with colors & shapes, but that’s obviously not challenging enough.  Levi doesn’t seem to mind his sister all in his business, though.  So, we’ll just keep going with the flow.

We took our first field trip Friday.  We went to the Memphis zoo.  I took lots of pictures of the kids and animals.  I think Monday I’ll have Levi write and/or draw his favorite ones in his journal.  We might do a little more in-depth study on some of the animals also.  Here are just a few of the pictures:

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Wordless Wednesday ~ Pictures from home

February 4, 2009 at 5:34 pm (Children, Family, Home, home school, homeschool, photography) (, , , , , , , , )

Levi making his journal.

Levi making his journal.




Levi's Stable (bed & playroom)

Levi's Stable (bed & playroom)

Levi & Erin up top.

Levi & Erin up top.

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Update on the Patch

November 18, 2008 at 11:47 am (Children, Family, Life) (, , , , )

I don’t like it.

Today is Day 7 on the patch.

The first 4 days, you could see a little difference.  He seemed to be a little less “pingy”.  He still played lots and wrestled with his sis and jumped on the couch.  He also seemed to have a little less apetite, until food was put in front of him, then he ate like normal.

On Day 5, Sunday, he didn’t want to be away from his Dad.  This isn’t so strange in and of itself, but he just wanted to sit. STILL. In his Dad’s lap.  He didn’t even want to go to children’s church.  He was listening to the sermon, that’s about the only good thing I can see.  When it was time to go, he started crying a little, and I was afraid of him having mood swings that sometimes can occur with the patch.  I asked him if he felt sad, but he said no.  He was just not my Levi.

Yesterday, when I picked him up from school, he was just sitting at the table waiting.  Again still.  A little spacy.  I talked with his teacher, and she said that he had a couple of spacy moments.  Lasting less than 5 minutes a piece.  She said that the rest of the day, he played with the boys, just like the boys, only a little less like Levi.  She said that he did well with his work, etc.  I got a little teary eyed and I told her….I don’t like it.  Not the spacy, sitting still Levi.  She told me that she wanted to make sure that I understood that she is perfectly fine with Levi OFF the patch.  She is really a wonderful teacher.  I didn’t tell her anything.  I really couldn’t talk, or I would have broke down right there in the cafeteria and wept.

I tried to perk Levi up a little and offered a trip to the park.  He wanted to go, but he wasn’t “excited” about it.  Not like he normally is.  Usually, he would have jumped up and down and chanted “The park!! the park!!”.  By the time we got to the park, it had turned cloudy and very windy and cold.  He did play.  Just not like normal.  He wanted some other kids to come.  I tried to chase him, play with him and sis.  After a few minutes, he was cold and told me we could leave in 5 minutes.

As soon as we got home I pulled off the patch.  By the time his Dad got home, he was acting a little more like himself.

I am keeping notes.  I am very close to just not using the patch anymore.  I’ll give it one more week and then decide, as long as there are no drastic mood swings or appetite loss.

Tommy & I have definitely decided to homeschool next year.  I will reasearch more natural methods of controlling ADHD.  I will be able to give him the one-on-one that he needs.  I am really excited about it!

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