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December 9, 2008 at 12:22 pm (ADHD, autism, Children, Life) (, , , , , )

I was really sad and stressed yesterday after Levi’s meltdown.  I was feeling like a failure and my heart was breaking for my son because it seemed like we would never get through to him.

Now I am just angry.  No, really, I’m pissed!  The more I find out about this woman that the school allowed into my son’s classroom,  the more I want to just rant and rave and scream at them “How could you allow this to happen?”  It is all your fault that my son had a meltdown!

The assistant principle has assured us that this substitute will never be called back to their school.  But then I think, well that’s fine and good, but what about other schools where some patience and common sense might be needed?  As more of the story unfolds, Levi was made to feel ostracised and belittled because he brought in a certain snack.  The teacher next to their room overheard comments made by the substitute such as ” I just can’t handle this!”  and “You are the meanest class I’ve ever had!”  I mean, my gosh, these are 5 & 6 year olds!  This woman obviously had no business being a substitute teacher for any age!  After speaking with his teacher this morning I found out that there had been prior problems with this woman and that the school had vowed before to never call her back.  But, six teachers were absent, so they felt they had no choice??  That’s BS!!!!  I would rather they have called me and I remove my son from the class before they exposed him to someone that they had problems with before.

I know that life happens.  I know that Levi will HAVE to learn to adapt.  I know that there are going to be times that are going to be so unfair to Levi.  I know I can’t protect him forever.  I truly know that.  I am trying my best to teach Levi how to deal with situations that may arise.  But, my heart just breaks because he is truly the most loving, funny, intelligent & sweet little boy.  He doesn’t deserve people treating him like that woman did.  But what can I do?

Just pray, that’s all I can do.

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